Automatic Pickle Vacuum Packaging Machine

Automatic Pickle Vacuum Packaging Machine

Chief function of automatic Pickle Vacuum Packaging Line include open-bag detection,empty-bag cycling,fault alarm and more,helping our customers save on labor costs and thus, improve their profits....

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Rotary pickles vacuum integration packaging machine is suitable for pickles, like preserved pickle, pickled vegetables,etc.



Station Process

1.  Bag Feeding

2.  Date Coding +Bag Opening

3.  Filling

4.  Addling Liquid or tray vibrating

5.  Forming

6.  Empty

7.  Bag Transferring

8.  Empty Bag Cycling

9.  Receiving Bag

10. Cover Closing

11. Vacuumize

12. Vacuumize

13. Heat Sealing

14. Cooling

15. Vacuum Breaking

16. Cover Opening and Bag Falling

17. Output

Main Technical Parameters

Equipment Model

RZ8-150ZK+Pickles   Weigher

Measuring Type

Pickles Weigher,Liquid   Filler,

Bag Size

W: 65~150mm L:  70~210mm((date coding requires:  length≥140mm Above)

Filling Range

Cup Measurer:5~200g  Liquid Filler:1-2000g

Packing Speed

20~50Bags/min(depended on the product and filling weight)

Package Accuracy

Error≤Multi-Head Computer Weigher±1%,Contraction   Cup±2g,Augar Filler±1  (depended on the product features)




2476mm*1797mm*1661mm   (L,W,H)

Total Power

12.29kw   1.5+1.3+3+2+2.2+2.2+0.09=12.29(main motor+vacuum motor+heat sealing+2 vacuum   pumps+output)

Compressed Air   Requirement

≤0.65m3/min(Compress air is provided by user) Working   Pressure=0.5MPa

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