Automatic Corn Vacuum Packing Line

Automatic Corn Vacuum Packing Line

Automatic corn vacuum packing line has combined the rotary automatic vacuum packaging machine and Batch-type conveyor....

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Automatic corn vacuum packing line is suitable for all kinds of single block packing products,like corn.


Bag Type

Automatic corn vacuum packing line is suitable for flat pouches.

Main Selectable Auxiliary Equipment

Batch-type conveyor


Main Technical Parameters

Equipment Name

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

Equipment Material

304 Stainless Steel (Other parts that do not contact with food are made according to national food equipment standard)

Pneumatic Component


Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Chamber


Drive Mode

Frequency conversion motor drive

Electrical Appliance

Delta for standard, Siemens or Omron for optional

Operation Interface

Touch Screen(Double Language: Chinese and English)

Bag Materials

AL foil bag, the compound flat bags, PE bags, PP bags

Bag Size

W: 65~85mm L: 70~105mm

Station Process

1. Bag Feeding 2. Bag Opening 3. .Filling 1(Vegetables) 4.Filling 2 (sauce)5.Point Sealing 8.Vacuumize & output

Filling Range


Packing Speed

40~50Bags/min(depended on the product and filling weight)

Package Accuracy





1600mm*1888mm*2265mm (L,W,H)

Main Power


Compressed Air Requirement

≥0.5m3/min(Compress air is provided by user)

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