Zipper Bag Filling and Sealing Machine

Zipper Bag Filling and Sealing Machine

Zipper Bag Fill Seal Machine is suitable for preformed zip-lock re-closeable bags, and special designed as zipper bag feature, to avoid the bag mouth deformed or breakage....

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Zipper bag filling and sealing machine suitable for packing solid,grain, powder, liquid and thick liquid.

1.Solid: leisure food(candy chocolate)etc.

2. Grain: condiment(monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, granulated sugar) dry fruit (nuts), capsule,grain medicine, seed, feed etc.

3. Powder: condiment, monosodium glutamate, salt, glucose,narrowly sugar, milk powder, washing powder etc.

4. Lquid: yellow wine, soy sauce, rice juice, drink, detergent etc.

5. Thick liquid: ketchup, peanut butter, sauce, chill sauce, bean butter etc.

Bag Type

Zipper pouch filling and sealing machineis suitable for zipper bag.


Main Features

The main Features of zipper pouch packaging machine are as follows:

1. Clamps Adjusted by PLC

2. Max. Width Reach 200mm

3. No Open- No Fill- No Seal

4. Empty Bag Recycling

5. Imported Plastic Bearing, No Refueling

6. Easy to Clean: Waterproof Design

image003(001).jpg image004(001).jpg

Station Process

1. Bag Feeding

2. Zipper Opener

3. Bag Opening

4. Filling & Vibrating

5. Product Poking & Vibrating

6. Sealing 1+ Air exhaust

7. Sealing 2

8. Sealing 3 & Output

Main Technical Parameters

Equipment Model


Bag Size

W:70~200mm L:100~300mm

Filling Range


Packing Speed

20~50 Bags/min





Package accuracy


Total power


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