Doypack Filling and Sealing Machine

Doypack Filling and Sealing Machine

Automatic rotary doypack packing machine can connected with multi-head weigher, linear weigher, auger filler ,liquid filler conveyor and working platform , thus forming automatic packaging line....

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Doypack filling and sealing machine is suitable for packing solid,grain, powder, liquid and thick liquid.

Bag Type

Doypack packaging machine is suitable for Standup bag.


Main Features

The main Features of premade doypack packaging machine are as follows:

1. 8 pairs bag clamps Auto-adjust by PLC, more precise and more convenient.

2. Packing efficient:do not filling if there is no bag opened;Do not sealing if the bags without materials; Do not output the empty bags so it is very efficient.

3. High Automation: Complete all actions by grooved clamp,which is more durable than end cam, and it do not need springs to return,more stable in running.

4. Perfect Prevention System: when the bag is not open or not opened enough, it will be non-filling and non-sealing, so the empty bags return to the first station to refill and not wasted and it will save the production cost.

image003(001).jpg image004.jpg

Station Process

1. Bag Feeding

2. Date Coding

3. Bag Opening

4. Filling

5. Filling

6. Standby

7. Heat Sealing

8. Forming & Output

Main Technical Parameters

Equipment Model


Bag Size

W:70~200mm L:100~300mm

Filling Range


Packing Speed

20~50 Bags/min





Total power


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