Noodle Packing Weighing Solution

Noodle Packing Weighing Solution

Full automatic noodles weighing packing machine is made of stainless steel with stable performance,lower consumption,high efficiency, safety and cleanness,it's an ideal equipment which can be used for packing solid product....

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Applications :

Noodle packing weighing solution is suitable for the quantitative weighing of popcorn, dry pasta, meatball, macaroni, hamburgers, oats, puffed food, french fries, biscuit, rice crust, jelly, candy, apple flake, dumpling,rice dumpling, chocolate, hardware and medicine such particle, platy, strip and irregular shape.

Bag Type

Automatic noodle packing weighing production line is suitable for standup bag, portable bag, zipper bag, 4-side sealing bag, 3-side sealing bag. paper bag, m type bag etc, and all kinds of compound bags.

Main Features :

1. Full-automatic Weigh-Form-Fill-Seal type, efficient and simple to use.

2. Use superior mechanical components, reduce the wear out loss.

3. PLC control with stable and high accuracy output.

4. Imported tolerance plastic bearings: without refueling, reduce the pollution of material;

5. Vacuum Generator: low consumption, high efficiency, cleaness, and long use life;

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Station Process

1. bag feeding

2. date coding

3. bag opening

4. filling

5. heat sealing

6. forming&output

Technical Parameters

Equipment Model


Bag sizes

W:100-200mm L:100-300mm

Filling range


Packing speed

30-45bags/min (depended on the product and filling weight)

Package accuracy

Error ≤±1%

Compress air requirement

≥0.4 m3/min

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